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place by the end of the week. assassination in afghanistan. president karzai's brother a key political power broker gunned down by his own bodyguard. what does it mean for nato forces in the south? a new focus on the back mab campaign. this time it's about her husband. his clinic under the microscope for using a controversial therapy to turn gay men straight. and good day, ern. i'm savannah guthrie in for andrea mitchell today. it is back to the bargaining table for congressional leaders this afternoon three weeks from today to the debt ceiling deadline. both sides say they want a deal, but there's been in compromise or breakthrough yet. we go to kristen welker at the white house. we know officials are meeting this afternoon. the president making some news about what might happen if the debt ceiling is not raised in early august. >> that's right. president obama in an interview earlier today was asked whether
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the united states would have enough money to continue paying its social security checks on august 3rd if a deal isn't reached over the debt ceiling on august 2nd, which is the deadline that's been mapped out by treasury secretary timothy geithner. the president said no. he said if a deal isn't reached by august 2nd there isn't enough money in the coffers of the united states to keep on paying the social security checks. he is ramping up the pressure to try to get a deal done by that deadline that has been set and treasury secretary geithner as well today reiterating calls to get a deal done by august 2nd saying if there isn't a deal it could potentially cause economic calamity. now some republicans have said that's overstated. that's not the case, what you have here today is the president, the treasury secretary trying to ramp up the pressure to get a deal done by that deadline. savannah? >> kristen welker on the story for us thank you. congresswoman kathny mcmorris rogers is vice chair of the how's republican caucus.
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thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> my first question is based on the president's remarks that social security checks may not go out on august 3rd if the debt ceiling is failed to be raised. are you ready to deal with those consequences? >> we are -- we're very concerned about what would happen on august 2nd. the house republicans are committed to a solution. we've been at the table. we're doing everything possible to negotiate in good faith. on behalf of the american people and what they think is most important. in our opinion the american people believe that we have to change course. that there has to be a game changer. we cannot continue down the current path that has been more spending, more borrowing more printing on money. >> it seems to me that there are two camps in the republican party right now. some say we want to see spending cuts but we agree the debt ceiling has to be raised otherwise there will be catastrophic consequences for economy. and then there are republicans who downplay the effect that a
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failure to raise the debt ceiling would have. are you saying that you acknowledge if the debt ceiling isn't raised there would be terrible economic consequences immediately? >> the consequences i believe largely depend upon how the administration approaches that situation. they're going to have some decisions to make about how they prioritize and spend those dollars. i've signed on to legislation in the house that would direct the administration in some of that prioritization so we would ensure that our military got paid and our seniors got their social security checks. >> fair enough. i think there is a by to prioritize so the u.s. doesn't default. however, just by the speckor of the government not raising the debt ceiling don't you think there will be economic consequences in terms of the credit rating of the united states government that could exacerbate this country's economic position? >> we are -- we're watching that
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very closely. and i am concerned about the potential response. i'm also very concerned if we stay on the same course. that's where we really do need to see the game changer. i'm disappointed that the president okay the balanced budget amendment off the table early on. and the house republicans met this morning we're going to be moving -- and that the federal government will have to start setting priority just like families and small businesses, hard working americans have to do all across this country. >> is it your position there's no room for compromise on raising tax revenues by closing loopholes after 2013? are you in line with the rest och the republican leadership in saying everything's on the table except for raising taxes? >> the republicans actually are
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in favor of tax reform. when you look at the budget that we passed out of the house it did include tax reform. we believe in a flatter, fairer tax code for america. we believe that it is important to our competitiveness. >> does that envision increased revenues? >> we believe that it is important that we look at it all at once and in a broader context of tax reform and we are concerned that it's going to be difficult to accomplish that in two weeks. we do not support raising taxes on our small business owners that are our job creators right now. >> bottom line when push comes to shove and you have to take a vote on whether to raise the debt krooling, are you willing to vote against raising the debt ceiling and let the chips fall where they may in terms of the economy? >> it's a difficult call. no one wants to see america default. i don't want to see america default.
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we're doing everything we can to reach a deal. the risk of continuing down the current path without changes without the change many the way the federal government spends money also concerns me greatly. and that is a long-term -- a short-term and a long-term consequence also. >> we've got to leave it there. thank you for your time this afternoon. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> congressman steve israel is the chairman of the democratic campaign committee. thanks for being with us today. >> good to be with you. >> which peas are the democrats willing to eat to get a deal? where are democrats willing to compromise? >> we have consistently and repeatedly offered compromise. we have said to the republicans we agree that we have to tighten our belt. they have refused to ask the big oil companies to give up one dime not one dime of their $4 billion annual subsidy. they have refused to ask big corporations to give up one dime
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in their corporate loopholes. what we are negotiating with is a group of people who won't compromise. a group of people who have said we want the middle class to pay more taxes so that big corporations can pay less. we want seniors to lose their medicare so that big oil companies can continue to foost on their subdis. that's what the problem is. >> the case that republicans have taken a hard line on talks, at the same time democrats are taking what sounds like a hard line on entitlements. let me read a statement from leader pelosi that says we continue to oppose benefit cuts in social security and medicare. these pillars should not be used a as piggy bank to subsidize tax cuts for the wealthy. are democrats not just as guilty of failing to compromise as republicans are in this case? >> no, absolutely not. what we have said and i think most americans would agree with this is the middle class and seniors should not be asked to shoulder the exclusive burden for our debt.
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for our deficits? we have said this sacrifice must be shared. we have said we will negotiate improving medicare, strengthen medicare, reforming medicare. we will not negotiate tend of medicare particularly when the republicans want to end medicare and ask seniors to give up their medicare benefit while not asking the oil companies to give up a dime of their subsidies. >> isn't their some space between ending medicare and cutting medicare? in other words, if the republicans were willing to come to the table and say we'll accept some tax hikes but we've got to cut entitlement programs is that a deal democrats would be willing to vote for? >> we will not negotiate a deal that cuts benefits for seniors. why should seniors who paid into medicare their entire working lives be told that they're the ones who need to fund efforts to bring down their debts and deficits. we have compromise ds and said we would support at least a trillion dollars in cuts including some programs that we feel strongly about. what has the response been by
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the republicans? no tax increases on corporations, they walked away. john boehner who called for an adult moment acted like a child when he said on the verge of a meeting with the president i will not have any conversations if it asks corporations to sacrifice a little more to lose their corporate tax hoop loopholes how do you negotiate with thatted a mans in the protection of corporate tax loopholes and asking the middle class to pay more and more. >> given how entrenched the sides seem to be right now, are you hopeful at all that a compromise can be reached? >> i am hopeful based on our own commitments, based on our compromises. based on the fact that the president of the united states have been meeting time and time again with republicans and said to those republicans and we house democrats have said to the republicans that isn't that hard to figure out. cathy said it. we should act the way any small business does. when faced with a deficit a small business does two things,
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you increase your revenues, tighten your belt. we want to follow the same principles. the republicans will not entertain closing revenues asking big oil companies to sacrifice a dime. >> we're out of time. good to talk to you today, thank you. still ahead, the tea party's take on the debt showdown. republicans who support a compromise face a backlash at the polls. up next, the assassination of karzai's brother opens a dangerous power vac qume in southern afghanistan. william cohen will be with us next on "andrea mitchell plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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the notorious brother of afghanistan's brother was shot and killed in his kandahar home today. a killer a bodyguard who taliban officials say they hired to
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infiltrate karzai's inner circle. this comes as a blow to the government just days after a visit from u.s. defense secretary leon panetta. we're joined by william cohen. thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> let me ask you about this assassination. some have said this will be a huge propaganda victory for the taliban. do youee? >> anytime they can get that close to the inner circle of president karzai it's a big victory for them. it points out the difficulty that president karzai has had in trying to cope with the local politics as such where all frequently invoking tip o'neill's axiom that all politics is local. we're seeing that all politics are local in afghanistan. that's one of the problems that president karzai has. secondly his brother has a
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reputation of being a power broker. most of our military leaders have said there's not a military solution in afghanistan it's a political one. it makes it that much more difficult. i think it's going to be more challenging. it's going to rever brat back here at home as members of congress continue to raise questions why are we there and can we accomplish our goals when this sort of activity is -- takes place and presents president karzai with even more problems. ? let's talk about the region that leon panetta visited in afghanistan. he failed to visit pakistan. what do you think that says about the tension? >> the tension is quite high. frankly unless there is some reversal and lowering of the rhetoric, then i think it's going to spin in a very deep decline. that's not something that's in pakistan's interest on the
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united states. you need to keep conversations as private as possible sending very strong messages but if we continue to vent our frustrations mutual frustrations ours with the pakistanis and what they have done and fail to do theirs with us in terms of us trying to micro manage what they're doing, then your going to have a break or breach in that relationship. pakistan is a major non-nato ally. allies don't allow things to happen like the hosting of the con sealing of bin laden or the arresting of those who help take bin laden down or allegedly the targeting for assassination of a journalist who's been critical of the regime. these are not the acts of allies. we've got to get back to a level of respect and trust i think that's lacking right now. as a result the relationship is in some jeopardy. >> how do you repair it? you've laid out why it's so significant. why it's a relationship that
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must be repaired. where do you go from here when there have been so many breaches in terms of the u.s. pert pektive on things? >> again, we twheed to send our emissaries conducting talks directly, privately and not wage a rhetorical battle publicly. i think that's going to be quite destructive. there are complaints obviously the pakistanis were embarrassed about the fact that we took -- invaded their territory so to speak to get bin laden. we are upset with the fact that they should have had notice if they weren't in fact actively participating in the hiding of him. we've got to get back to say look, your future security is very much at stake. your stability is very much at stake. we want to make sure that pakistan is a viable, stable country. to do that we need a level of trust and cooperation and we're not seeing it now, but we've got to have that and we're willing to work with you. we any that other countries in
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the region have a role to play. that means china, it means india. it means afghanistan. it means iran potentially. there's a regional compact that has to be achieved. we've got to lower the rhetoric and see if we can't bring about stabilizing that entire region. >> okay. former defense secretary william cohen it's always great to hear from you. thank you for being with us. less than an hour from now at the white house president obama will bestow the medal of honor to sergeant first class le roy petry. the 31-year-old army ranger bravely fought off enemy fire and lost his right hand while trying to sauve his fellow rangers from a grenade attack in afghanistan in 2008. he spoke exclusively with brian williams about the honor. >> what would you like civilians, civilians in this country who don't serve in the military a lot of them visit pretty good.
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what would you like them to know about their modern military? >> i had something that i come up. i hadn't heard it before. i hope it's something i came up with. >> we'll give you credit anyway. >> i look at all the military and all the fallen heroes that gave the ultimate sacrifice. i just want the public to know that hey, take your time, honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but embrace the ones that are still serving today. they really need your support. and it's amazing what they can do with that. >> don't miss brian's full interview with medal of honor recipient le roy petry tonight on nbc nightly news. all eyes will be on marine sergeant scott moore at the marine corp. ball this november when she shows up with actress mila kunis. it's all thanks to this plea on youtube.
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>> hey, mila, sergeant warner, you can call me scott. i wanted to invite you to the marine corp. ball on november 1th to greenville, north carolina, with yours truly. take a second, think about it. get back to me. >> it took a little convincing from her co-star justin timberlake, but the actress has said, yes. >> coming up next, the controversy over michele bachmann's husband's counselling center. did it attempt to cure patients of homosexuality? politico's downthan martin joins us next. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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1:24 pm
fighting same sex marriage one of the issues of her political career. now there are new questions about the christian counselling center run by her husband, more cause bachmann. the allegation is that michele bachmann's husband's therapy center counselled people, treated people to try to turn them from being homosexual to be heathrow sexual. what political fallout might be there be? i assume the answer is different with the republican primary versus the general election? >> i think for republican primary voters, the most pragmatic folks may blanch about this. they were not going to be for her any huas. if those folks would be concerned about these kind of reports, they are the kind of people that are going to be working to stop her anyways. as for other grassroots conservatives, it probably won't bother them.
1:25 pm
i think many the big picture this does capture why so many establishment republicans don't want her to get the nomination. there is this kind of fodder when you're talking about swing voters in a general election that very cliche but the suburban philadelphia swing voter they would probably have some concerns about these kind of reports. this is why you see the establishment wing of the party starting to get a little bit anxious about bachmann's rise. >> is iowa just a must-win for michele bachmann? if you look at a pl of just those in the race she's a clear front runner. if you expand the field and include folks that aren't running like rick perry who might, you see her support disappear and mitt romney taking the lead. >> there's a poll out from the iowa republican that does show that bachmann's support in iowa is fairly soft. that yes right now she's gotten a few good weeks of buzz and has
1:26 pm
established something of a lead. her and romney are still pretty close together. you add names like chris christie, like rick perry, like sarah palin some of her support does sliep. she's a formidable candidate if she has a corner on that tea party market. if a perry or palin gets into this race, that i think could really hurt bachmann. right now she's really getting all the traction when it comes to those grassroots conservatives. >> thank you always good to see you. >> good to see you. coming up, syria responds to that tongue lashing from secretary of state hillary clinton. plus the tea party and the debt talks. what will the fallout be for republicans who do not fall in line? the heat may be on in washington to get a deal on the debt ceiling, that's nothing compared to the oppressive triple digit temperatures. we'll have the latest. you're watching "andrea mitchell you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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topping the headlines 24 states from texas all the way up to new york facing a massive heat wave today with temperatures soaring past 100 degrees in some areas. the weather channel reported to louisville, kentucky, hit 102 degrees at just act a.m. . brirk prime minister gordon brown is accusing murdoch's media empire of other illegal activity. brown said they hired known criminals to hack his private tax eric legal and medical information. he believes they used illegal means to learn his son suffers from cyst irfibrosis. they have been summoned to a committee regarding the hacking scandal. two astronauts from international space station made the final space walk this morning as part of the last mission of the 30-year nasa
1:31 pm
shuttle program. and a close call in arizona. a fan at the home run derby last night in phoenix was seen dangling oover the rail trying to catch a ball and had to be pulled up by his fans. earlier a fan trying to catch a foul ball died after falling over the railing at a texas rangers' game. for months republicans have hammered the president for failing to lead on the pressing challenge of the debt and deficits. today speaker john boehner took that message a step further. >> this increase is his problem. i think it's time for him to lead by putting his plan on the table. something that the congress can pass. >> mark mekler is the co-founder of the tea party patriots. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i don't think if you've heard the president this afternoon told an interviewer if the debt ceiling is not raised on august 2nd, social security checks may not go out august 3rd. are you prepared to deal with
1:32 pm
those kind of consequences? >> i'm going to be very blunt about that. that's simply a lie. there is plenty of revenue to pay our social security obligations. there's plenty of revenue to pay our interest on the debt. if they choose not to pay social security they'll be held responsible by resip pents and held responsible by the american public. >> you know that of course if we fail to raise the debt ceiling then they'll have to prioritize what gets paid. everyone expects that the treasury department would prioritize the debt to avoid a u.s. default. next you probably would wan to fund the u.s. military. how is it that you figured out that they will be able to pay social security checks? >> well, right now looking at the numbers about 40 cents on every dollar is borrowed money. in that 60% money that's not borrowed money that's revenue money there is enough money to pay social security to pay the basic entitlement programs to pay for critical services in the
1:33 pm
united states of america. this is fear mongering -- >> is it your contention -- >> this is just fear mongering. >> let's zero in on that. your contention is failing to raise the debt ceiling will have zero effect on the u.s. economy? >> my contention is that failing to raise the debt ceiling will absolutely have consequences. it will be difficult. everybody will be required to sacrifice, our contention is it's the only responsible thing to do. >> do you believe it may put the economy into recession? >> the economy's already in recession. >> technically it isn't. technically it isn't in recession. >> savannah you can talk about technical all you want. i dare you to travel cross country as i have and talk to american citizens who are suffering severely under the policies of this administration. i challenge you go out and tell those people the 9.2% unemployed the far more that are seriously underemployed that we're no longer in recession, it's an absurd allegation. >> not everybody quibbling over whether or not we're technically
1:34 pm
in recession to take your point that people are suffering would would you acknowledge that the economic consequences from failing to raise the debt ceiling would exacerbate that suffering? >> i think it might create circumstances for people that will be difficult, but i also know that the american public if you look at all the numbers are in support of not raising the debt limit. this is just a fact and it's been a fact since the beginning of the year. webb polling consistently. every polling agency says this. the american people understand what seemingly the president doesn't seem to understand and congress doesn't seem to understand. >> if for example, unemployment were to go higher as a result of the a failure to raise the debt ceiling you're prepared to deal with that con kwens? >> we're prepared to deal with the consequences of responsible behavior. you cannot continue to spend money that you don't have. it's common sense. whether you're 10 years old or 70 years old you understand that. >> of course. do you understand that raising is debt ceiling is not spending
1:35 pm
new money? you're not incuring new debt by raising the debt ceiling? >> you are incurring new debt you give congress the pour to borrow further. they've said they're going to borrow that money. that's the reason that they need to raise the debt ceiling. >> for spending they've already done no the past, right? >> no. it's for spending in the future. it's not for spending. >> isn't it to pay the debt by virtue of a debt it's something you've already borrowed and you owe like a credit card? >> they are not borrowing money to pay the debt. our debt service is only $11 billion per month. we have $220 billion a month in revenue. again, any 10-year-old can do the math. there's plenty of money on that 60 crepe tons dollar to pay the current debt. they want to raise this debt ceiling to continue their addiction to spending. >> okay, bottom line if it comes to a vote you want republican members or any member of congress your position is they should not raise the debt
1:36 pm
ceiling no matter how much they get in a deal in terms of spending cuts? as far as you would be concerned it would be fine if speaker boehner and the republicans didn't try to compromise at all and simply voted against the debt ceiling and that would be the end of it? >> they've been compromising all along the massive compromises that we're as deep in debt as we have been. the democratic senate has failed a pass a damage for hundreds of days. the compromise is where we're at. >> it's great to talk to you today. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. well, overseas now, the death of karzai could have a wide ranging impact on the stability of afghanistan just as the united states prepares to withdraw troops from that
1:37 pm
country. we met and interview wali karzai. tia, what is the reaction there as a practical matter? he basically ran the south. >> reporter: the reaction is very, very strong here in afghanistan. many people are bewildered as to how awk to many people was actually killed. he was surrounded by security. but the story is that today we've been told he was actually in his home where he has meetings and gatherings and that a bodyguard who was considered a relative came into the home and actually shot and killed him. as you mentioned he is an influential figure. he'sal an infamous power broker down south and love him or hate him u.s. and nato officials needed him. he was a stabilizing figure in kandahar which is the spiritual home of the taliban. the taliban have claimed responsibility for his death. this is a big idealogical victory for the taliban. many people are wondering right
1:38 pm
now what kind of vacuum is going to be left behind and who will fill that vacuum now that awk is dead. >> thank you. let's turn to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. richard, you've been doing some reporting on this assassination. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we were able to find out a few more details about how exactly this assassination took place. as tia mentioned awk was in his home which is also an office in kandahar this morning he was receiving some tribal elders. there were several dozen people in his home office at the time. that's when one of his most trusted security aids. not exactly a bodyguard. someone who coordinates for him. someone who's been working for the karzai family for about ten years and even a distant relative. this security aid a man came
1:39 pm
into a meeting walked into the room actually interrupting it and asked karzai if he could have a word with him. this is a trusted individual. he asked if karzai would be willing to step outside and have a conversation in private. he was also carrying a file with him when he interrupted that meeting. karzai expressing this level of trust that they had left the room, went into an adjacent room that's when the aas sin pulled a pistol from inside the file or hiding it beneath the file and shot karzai at least twice. there might have been a third shot one to the head, one to the chest and the other it's unclear where and he was killed almost instantly. >> do you have any sense, it sounds like the taliban is taking responsibility saying it infiltrated karzai's inner circle. do you have any sense of whether or not that is credible? that is certainly credible.
1:40 pm
the motivation here is not exactly clear. the taliban certainly has the most to benefit by killing karzai. karzai took money from the cia. he was involved in drug trafficking. he worked with the americans. he was also involved in negotiations with the taliban and was considered a very strong negotiator. and people i've spoken to suggest that the taliban killed him because he was long an adversary also because he was considered a tough negotiator. by removing him their position in peace talks which by ultimately end this conflict in afghanistan if it is ever going to end that the taliban would be in a stronger position by killing their rival. >> richard, let's turn to another area, syria. the u.n. circuit court council has con femmed yesterday's attacks on the u.s. and french embassies. we know secretary of state hillary clinton larked out at the regime. she said he is not indispensable and we have nothing invested in
1:41 pm
him remaining in power. on the other hand, it's not as if asad was much of a friend to the united states? >> reporter: there was a perception and there still is a perception across the middle east that it is the united states and saudi arabia and several other powers that are allowing the syrian regime to stay in power. after all there have been massacres taking place in syria just like there have been massacres taking place in libya and the u.s. led a major nato intervention into libya that kind of reaction hasn't happened in syria. so many people in the region have been concluding while the united states must want the regime to remain in place. clearly the secretary of state is saying that the u.s. doesn't have that position and this is the strongest statement that i've heard yet from the u.s. state department from secretary clinton speaking out directly
1:42 pm
against him. the syrian government has responded today in a statement on the state news agency calling secretary clinton's statement provocative and said that it only will inflame internal tensions inside syria. >> richard engel with all the headlines from the middle east. we'll take you to orlando where the lead detectives in the casey anthony case are speaking publicly for the first time since the verdict one week ago. let's listen in. >> good afternoon to all of you. let me tell you about process. i really thought that it was very important that we give our community and really give the nation the opportunity to have some closure, if you will, as it relates to this investigation. we have had countless staff members from the orange county sheriff's office who have been involved in the anthony investigation. we could not formally recognize
1:43 pm
all of them or say thank you for the hard work that they did in this case. what we did as an organization was to ask our staff if any of them felt comfortable talking to the media and most of them as you can see did not really want to be put in that position. but the ones who have joined us this afternoon are individuals who played principal roles in the investigation. they have volunteered to come here this afternoon and be prepared to respond to questions from you the media, the press. i hope that you respect what they're doing here and the process. just to tell you a little bit about this case, on july 15th, 2008, at poxly 8:00 p.m. the orange county sheriff's office
1:44 pm
received its first 9-1-1 call for a missing toddler by the name of caylee marie anthony. little did we know it would become the casey anthony case that would dominate our time and resources for several years. here are a few facts that we were able to acertain as it relates to the man hours and other resources that were committed to this case. there were 6,165 tips that were received by the missing persons squad during an eight-month period of time. more than 100 fbi agents followed up on the state leads.
1:45 pm
more than 40 florida department of law enforcement agents followed up on state leads that imnated out of this local area. the orange county sheriff's office personnel fold up on countless leads throughout the investigation. the metropolitan bureau of investigation dealt with many of the technical aspects -- >> we'll continue to monitor this news conference in orlando where the lead detective in the casey anthony case is expected to be among those taking questions from reporters. we'll keep an eye on it. for now we'll take a break. for now we'll take a break. #
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first lady michelle obama and three former first ladies are among the many who will pay tribute to betty ford at a memorial service this afternoon in california. we go to palm desert. what can you tell us?
1:49 pm
>> reporter: good afternoon, here, savannah. there are a number of dignitaries on hand here to pay tribute to the former first lady, betty ford as well. and they include first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton, mansy reagan, roslyn carter who will deliver one of the eulogies and former president george w. bush. bill clinton was supposed to be here, his plane out of new york had mechanical trouble so he will not be here. on hand former california first lady maria shriver. the motorcade will arrive in just a half an hour local time. after that ford family members will have some private family time. guests will begin arriving an hour later. delivery eulogies will be roslyn carter, coky roberts and jeff mason. mason will talk about ford's passion for helping others get treatment for substance abuse. roberts said that ford asked her five years ago to speak at her funeral. she wanted roberts to talk about politics and specifically about a time when democrats and
1:50 pm
republicans were friends. the key back here is that cokie roberts' father was house majority leader when gerald ford was the majority senate leader and they were good friends. so we can expect similar talk here about political friendships. betty ford's body will be flown out to grand rapids, michigan, tomorrow, where there is another funeral service thursday, and she will be buried at gerald ford's presidential library next on the her husband on what would have been his 98th birthday. >> thank you, aditi roy. what story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tiguan.
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor and managing editor of chris cillizza joins us, and perhaps they will be talk about plan c, because the senate republicans are ready to unveil another plan
1:54 pm
for this debt ceiling at 2:00 today. >> i wonder if plan c is the final plan? well, what we have seen, savannah, is a lot of political positioning as opposed to policy positioning. you have heard president obama say in press conferences and other places to go big and make a grand sacrifice and i am ready and republicans should, too. and john mcconnell said we will sacrifice by thinking of possibly voting for the debt ceiling and this is a policy move and put something in place to get something passed. we will see what they invail. this announcement will come two hours before the republican and the democratic leadership sit down again in an attempt to solve this thing. >> and are these talks functionally dead if the senate republicans are trotting out plan c, it is not boding well for what we could call plan b
1:55 pm
over at the white house? >> well, yesterday, savannah, to your point, yesterday, we had barack obama the president of the united states essentially sag th saying we need to go big, and the republicans need to step up to the plate and then john boehner said, we are doing all we can do, and then they had the meeting. i cannot imagine it is terribly productive given what we have seen publicly, and the only hope people can have here is that what you are seeing publicly is positioning to do everything to play to the respective party bases, and that in that room, there's more of a kind of sense of negotiation and that a deal might get done, but if you watch publicly, it seems that we are further apart than in months. >> and the clock keeps on ticking. chr chris, thank you so much. and coming up tomorrow, we will have robert moreland talking about troop levels in
1:56 pm
afghanistan. tamron hall is coming up next with "newsnation." hey, there. >> an emotional hour coming up. president obama is ready to present the medal of honor to an army ranger who lost his hand after trying to protect two soldiers from a living grenade. he is the second recipient to have this honor, and we are talking about sergeant leroy pet ri, and he served in iraq and afghanistan. we are moments away from the gop leaders and the battle over the debt ceiling. you heard chris cillizza say that we may have plan c, while mitch mcconnell says we may never reach a deal. "newsnation" is next. don't worry, lucky,
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>> i am tamron hall and the "newsnation" is following developing news this hour. one of the most sacred ceremonies of the nation is about to be under way. president obama will present the medal of honor the nation's highest military

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